Office 365: It’s more than just Exchange

On Demand Webinar: June 22, 2016 – 10 AM EST

If you’re like most companies, you purchased Office 365 for email. But did you know you also purchased a productivity toolkit to help you achieve business goals? According to the product tagline: It’s all about making you and your team more productive from anywhere, on any device, reducing your dependency on internal infrastructure and systems management and letting you and your team boost the business in real time environment. But what does that really mean?

Watch our recorded webcast to get in-depth insight on how to leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 with Microexcel’s processes, tools and experience to do business smartly and achieve desired goals.

During this webinar, you’ll learn areas within the Office 365 suite of products such as:

  • Groups
  • Planner
  • Flow
  • SharePoint Online
  • Building a Power App with translator

Thank you for viewing. I hope we enabled you to be more productive with Office 365.

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