Ad Hoc Support

Ad-Hoc Support

Bolstering your Technology Team with Ad-Hoc Resources to deliver the Right Support and Solutions for your Dynamic Business Requirements

Custom Business Solutions

If you are looking for managed services for your IT needs, want to augment your current resource pool to meet the emerging needs of your business, then we have the answer. Quadrion has a unique offering of Ad hoc support services, that are designed to flexibly integrate with your current resources.

Our support model allows us to offer personalized services that can scale to your organization’s needs without the commitment of a long-term engagement.

The Advantage of our Ad Hoc Support Services


Per Hour

A pay-as-you-go pricing models ensures that you are billed for only the support hours that you avail for, giving you a cost and value driven advantage.



Our IT Ad hoc services give you the flexibility to augment your existing resource pool without having to incur a huge upfront investment.

Choice of Support

Choice of Support Models

Quadrion’s IT Ad hoc services give you a choice of support models-from remote, telephone, offshore or hybrid models.

Easy Collaboration

Easy Collaboration

Our Ad hoc support team easily integrates with your existing resource pool for effective collaboration.

SaaS Support

Complete support for all your cloud-hosted software applications in flexible models.
SAAS Support
PAAS Support

PaaS Support

Ad hoc support for cloud hosted software environments by our expert team of consultants.

SharePoint Support

Our Ad hoc support offers complete support for development and troubleshooting of your SharePoint application.
SharePoint Support
Microsoft 365 support

M365 Support

Quadrion’s Ad hoc support offers complete support for M365 suite and its applications.

Microsoft Support

Complete support for the entire suite of Microsoft services by experienced M365 SME’s.
Microsoft Support
Azure Support

Azure Support

Get expert support for your Azure cloud environment in all aspects of development and deployment by Azure SME’s.

What Quadrion offers?

Our IT Ad hoc services meet your dedicated business goals with seamless integration across all channels. They give you the needed support for your business growth while yielding higher ROI. From administrative and support services to development capabilities we can build a team specifically for your needs.

Contact us for more information on how we can add value to your business and give you the perfect extended team of resources.

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