Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Integration

Microsoft ERP and CRM Integration

Agile and Efficient CRM and ERP Solutions that Enable Transformative outcomes in your Business Operations

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Microsoft Dynamics offers easy integration of ERP and CRM solutions to create an efficient and effective business ecosystem.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP integration allows easy information availability, data and process standardization, consistency, and effective collaboration between both the CRM front-end and ERP backend applications.

Benefits of ERP and CRM Integration

Access 360

Access 360° Customer Views

Get complete visibility on customer data while accessing the CRM using the backend ERP integration.

Get consolidated information on customer buying habits, order history, preferences, profitability, and loyalty, all from an integrated data source.

Data Access

Data Access

Get accurate quotes by accessing inventory and costs and have complete customer information right when you need it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration Services enables faster and easier data retrieval for real-time access.

Faster WorkFlows

Achieve Faster Workflows

Expedite sales and operation team’s customer contract handling with support from real time data access.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP integration maximizes business opportunities, improves productivity, and customer acquisitions.

Effective Data

Effective Data Collaboration

Improve efficiency of data collaboration between the ERP and CRM systems by reducing duplicate data entry by providing the same set of data rules for each system.

Gain easy access to streamlined information across various channels for data-driven processes.



Speed up data access times with the Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP integration solution that does away with manual data integration tasks.

The Microsoft Dynamics Integration improves the overall efficiency and saves time, boosting your critical operations.

ERP & CRM Process

What Quadrion offers?

Whatever your business needs are, Quadrion offers a full set of Custom Microsoft Business Solutions designed for increasing efficiency, productivity, and streamlining your business processes. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology environment and equip your business to meet operational challenges.

Our solutions include comprehensive requirements assessment, advisory, consulting, core integration and solution implementation. They are designed to take care of your business goals to give you a cohesive advantage that perfectly attunes to your business needs.

If you are looking for a right technology partner for developing a custom Microsoft business solution, Quadrion can help you meet your business needs and give you the perfect solution implementation for your specific needs. Contact us for more information on how we can add value to your business and give you the perfect advantage.

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