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Bot Development

Custom Bot Development Solutions that improve Customer Engagement and Automate your Manual Processes

Custom Business Solutions

Are you looking for better ways to engage with your customers and employees? Harness custom Chatbots as a communication solution for your business operations.

Chatbots have built-in intelligence to simulate human interaction. Smart chatbots interpret dialogs, retrieve data, and take actions. With integrated business logic and intelligence, chatbots enhance customer and employee engagement and improve the overall operational productivity.

What can Chatbots do for your Business?


Customer Support

Use chatbots as the first-level field agents for customer support functions and improve your customer experience with faster responses and better user engagement.


Intelligent Engagement

Advanced analytics and conversation metrics help chatbots perceive user expectations and adeptly interact in the frontline.

Automated Updates

Automate Processes

Chatbots help your users get responses, view data, make choices, select options, and perform actions automatically.



Automated interactions with users in their language across various demographics with personal and culturally appropriate responses.



Integrate your chatbot with popular messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more to give your users ease of access. Chatbot Integration with Microsoft Teams helps your users stay connected by using the Teams platform.

Natural Language

Natural Language Processing

AI and embedded ML help chatbots develop conversational intelligence and give contextually relevant responses.

Quadrion Microsoft Bot Development offerings

Microsoft Teams
Bot Development

Microsoft LUIS

Power Virtual

Power Automate

Power Automate
AI Builder

Our Microsoft Teams Bot Development services create conversational bots that integrate with your Teams application. They handle simple commands and engage users, apart from advanced features such as AI and ML to execute complex tasks. Use them to enhance your customer service and support functionalities.

Our Microsoft Language Understanding (LUIS) Services integrate with Azure Bot Framework to create intelligent Bots that use Machine learning capabilities to engage users. They derive meaning from user’s natural language and display the required information.
LUIS easily integrates with Microsoft’s Bot development frameworks and offers a high level of security and privacy for your confidential data. They are capable of performing complex tasks, as in enterprise-grade conversations, apart from being used in task-intensive domains such as banking and travel.

Power Virtual Agents help create intelligent Bots that answer questions for your internal employees and external customers. They can be deployed as a Web App or integrated with the Microsoft Teams application. Power Virtual Agents integrate with hundreds of available connectors for diverse uses. They can follow custom workflows in Power Automate, apart from handling complex scenarios using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Power Automate’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps in automating repetitive, tedious, and manual tasks in your operational processes. They are easy to build and deploy and can be integrated with other Microsoft applications using a wide range of connectors. Power Automate RPA can also be used to integrate with Desktop workflows used in Front-Office activities.

The Power Automate AI Builder is built on Azure’s AI features and is used to develop intelligent automation for your operational processes. They can be used to process forms, extract documents, and provide approval functionalities for your workflows. You can have AI models that help in predicative form processing, invoice management, reading business cards and email, and receipt processing. They also have advanced text processing features like language and sentiment detection, key phrase, and data extraction.

What Quadrion offers?

Our Chatbot development services meet your dedicated business goals with seamless integration across all channels. They give you the needed automation for your business growth while yielding higher ROI.

Contact us for more information on how we can add value to your business and give you the perfect integration advantage.

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