End-User Training

End User Training

Effective End User Training for Increased Adaptability and Better Change Management

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Is the lack of effective training impeding your organization’s adaptability to change? Do you see your end-users facing challenges in working with new solutions?

Quadrion has a solution with structured and comprehensive programs in Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Training and Support for users. Our training paradigm empowers your users with the right knowledge and skills to harness the complete features of new technology additions.

How does lack of comprehensive training affect your business?

The major causes for the failure of new technology implementations are lack of familiarity with the current technology stack, lack of effective training, and resistance to change.

This has a significant impact on the ROI from the new technology additions, as solutions cannot give optimal results unless your end-users are well-trained in its usage.

Lack of training also causes business interruptions, barriers to progress and reduces the operational efficiency.

Microsoft 365 User Adoption

Our Microsoft 365 User Adoption training program helps your team get a step-by-step understanding of the Microsoft 365 environment, and ways to adopt the technology in their operational processes. This includes:
  • Identifying existing and proposed business scenarios and processes before the roll-out.
  • Train users on the Microsoft 365 platform, and measure the adaptability
  • Deploy and optimize the strategy to align with your organizational goals
  • Include Microsoft 365 User Adoption best practices for meeting the goals
  • Defining the strategy for Microsoft 365 User Adoption
  • Determine Readiness by assessment
Microsoft 365 User Adoption
Microsoft 365 Training

Microsoft 365 Training

Our Microsoft 365 training program gives a comprehensive understanding on the usage of different Apps within the platform, such as SharePoint, Teams, One Drive and many more. The Microsoft 365 end user support is designed to perfectly align with your operational requirements and includes usage best practices from our team of experts.

The Microsoft 365 Training program includes suggestions on policies and compliance, along with a wide range of training resources for both novice and advanced users.

SharePoint User Adoption

Our SharePoint User Adoption program is structured to align with your SharePoint migration process. It divides the adoption into individual phases and projects, so that your users can gradually develop their understanding and usage of the environment. The key advantage of such an approach is that it aligns the SharePoint capabilities to your business goals and operational processes.

The SharePoint User Adoption training program is customized to individual needs of users so that they learn what they would be using. It also includes usage analytics to track and monitor the usage of the platform and refine the program to familiarize it with the users.

SharePoint User Adoption
SharePoint Training

SharePoint Training

Our SharePoint training helps your users gain perfect understanding of using SharePoint for your business needs, collaboration, and for core operations. It is aligned to the usage of the platform and is customized for individual user groups.

The SharePoint training course includes lists, usage of documents and libraries, sharing, permission managements, mobile usage and creating and using SharePoint sites. The course is intended to introduce users to the different features of SharePoint and align them with the current business processes.

Microsoft 365 Change Management

Our Microsoft 365 Change Management training program is intended to help users adapt to the features and functionalities of custom SharePoint solutions. It facilitates easy change adoption by getting the optimal “Benefit from Change” for the new enhancements and implementations.
Microsoft 365 Change Management

Our Approach to End-User Training

End User Training

What Quadrion offers?

As a part of our Microsoft solutions development offerings, we offer a comprehensive training strategy for your specific organizational requirements. This ensures the success of the solution implementation and ensures that your end-users have a perfect understanding of the new technology adaptation, ensuring better productivity and efficiency.

Contact us for more information on how we can add value to your business and give you the perfect integration advantage.

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