Bring incoming e-mail functionality to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business to Enhance Collaboration


The overarching requirement today is for efficient virtual collaboration. It has always been important; but never as much, as now.

The rise of remote work led to the availability of varied collaboration platforms in the market. Businesses too adopted multiple platforms to facilitate virtual work.

Productivity challenges in an online environment

SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are most commonly used in both on-prem and remote co-working space. Yet there exists a lacuna here, that hinders optimized operations.

As a SharePoint user, if you have faced roadblocks in the cloud migration process or if your business processes have been held up because of email content stuck in Outlook; you know you are in dire need of an email segue between the interfaces.

Email functionality with Q-Upload

The Q-Upload tool addresses this pain point definitively. Compatible with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, it offers an incoming email functionality that enables effortless upload of documents into the library. It does this by reading the incoming emails from the Office 365 Group, the shared mailbox and Individual email addresses. Additionally, it can also be set up to backup emails into OneDrive at regular intervals.

Q-Upload’s lucid user interface allows for easy configuration of settings. You can set it to group and ungroup attachments even as the original mail is retained in a dedicated folder. It records and stores logs for future reference, troubleshooting and for data analytics. It is also possible to upload scanned files.

Inherently Smart

The email functionality is made intelligent by enabling it to identify and discard unnecessary images from mails. Built into its design is the capability to record and retain metadata such as the mail creator’s name, the sender’s name, the subject, names of recipients and body details.

Inherently Smart
Data leakage

No Fear of Data Leakages

Data security is paramount and integral to the application. Q-Upload ensures that the data privacy and secrecy is maintained through the process. The access to pages is restricted. It is permission driven and access is verified at every stage of data transfer.

Getting Started

Q-Upload is an invaluable extension to your team’s tech setup. To add it, visit the Online Store on the SharePoint site.

Geeting Started

What Quadrion offers?

The Azure based SaaS tool is available on a flexible billing plan. It is available as licenses per monthly runs and as Tenant level licenses that can be configured across multiple site collections and libraries.

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