SharePoint and OneDrive

SharePoint and OneDrive

Enabling Efficient Document and File Storage on the Cloud with a Collaborative Interface in SharePoint and OneDrive

SharePoint and OneDrive

Businesses worldwide are tending towards a remote working model, making it necessary for enterprise solutions to be available from anywhere and anytime.

This has led to the rise in cloud-based solutions that help remotely manage files and documents.

What SharePoint does for your Business:

File Management


SharePoint enables easy file management and distribution for your documents, spreadsheets, and files.

Intranet Development


Custom Intranet portals can be developed on SharePoint for collaboration and communication.

Website Development


You can also build a front-end website with easy content management and administration features.

Security and Compliance

Security and

SharePoint allows a version control and user-access settings to secure enterprise data.

System Integration


SharePoint integrates with third-party tools outside the Microsoft platform, such as ServiceNow SharePoint integration, giving you the required flexibility for your business needs.

Dashboards and BI

and BI

SharePoint allows creation of custom dashboards which can be used to track and measure KPI’s and Business data by integrating with a wide range of data sources.

Custom Apps


SharePoint comes with built-in Apps for easily adding functionalities, apart from a provision to create custom Apps as per your business requirements.

Using OneDrive for your business - The Benefits

OneDrive for Business is a perfect cloud solution to store and access, edit and share your business files. It enables easy access and storage capabilities so that your data can be restored even if the device has been lost. You can easily share files by sending a link to your file.

OneDrive works with all types of devices, allowing remote-working and collaboration. However, it does not have the additional features of website and intranet design as SharePoint and is used for secure file storage and sharing.

What Quadrion offers?

Quadrion offers solutions for migrating to SharePoint or OneDrive, and for custom app development.

Our solutions help you seamlessly migrate to the cloud, such as Dropbox to SharePoint migration and increase your operational efficacy, while securing your files.

If you are looking to move towards a cloud storage model, do get in touch with us and see how we can make a difference.