Power Automate


Power Automate-Process Automation Simplified

Process Automation is the key driver for businesses to stand ahead in the competitive race. With an increased need for replacing manual and repetitive tasks with automated solutions, Process Automation is transforming the way businesses operate. Of the various automation tools that offer bespoke automation capabilities, Power Automate ranks as one of the most widely used platforms for creating automated Bots and applications.

Power Automate is a part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite and is available as a desktop version included in the Windows 11 OS, and as a cloud-based service for enterprise needs. Users can access it through a mobile device, giving anytime and anywhere connectivity. If you are looking to automate your legacy and manual business processes, with a low code/no code automation development model-Power Platform is the right choice for your custom requirements.

The Key Drivers for Process Automation

  • Lower Automation capabilities in the current legacy systems
  •  Accuracy of data processing being a major constraint with manual processes
  • Getting a cost advantage by replacing manual activities, so that resources can focus on more crucial tasks
  • Overburdening the IT team for automating processes, or the lack of required skills in the organization to automate processes
  • Requirements for faster automation solutions to meet the dynamic business need of the business, with future growth and innovation being a key factor

Key Benefits of Power Automate 

Democratizing Automation

With a keen focus on making automation simpler and more efficient, even for novice users or citizen developers, Power Automate enables the rapid creation of automation solutions without the need for specialized technical skills. This helps all user groups within your organization to automate their manual tasks, instead of looking for an external Power Automate development service.

For complex automation requirements that require adequate technical skills, Microexcel offers Power Automate Development Solutions that perfectly align with your business requirements. 

Enhanced Data Connectivity

Power Automate includes hundreds of data connectors that can interface with a wide range of data sources and applications. This includes Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and the Azure platform, apart from other third-party suites.

Ease of usage

Power Automate offers a drag-and-drop interface that can be easily used to rapidly build a process automation solution. It also ensures complete data security with a vast set of included features to securely deploy automation solutions.

Process Advisor

Power Automate includes the Process Advisor, which gives automation recommendations based on an automated analysis of business tasks using task and process mining. This helps businesses discover new automation opportunities and enhance the scope of their current systems.

Workflow optimization

Power Automate facilitates easy optimization of operational processes, by reducing inefficiencies, and enhancing the current capabilities.

AI Builder

The AI builder leverage the Artificial Intelligence capabilities to refine and enhance your existing processes and create new automation applications that are intelligent and intuitive.

Hyperautomation Capabilities

Power Automate can be used to create Bots and applications with Hyperautomation capabilities. These Bots have self-learning capabilities and constantly analyze data, transactions, and patterns to improve their decision-making capabilities.

If you are looking for a process automation solution for your business, Microexcel can be your trusted technology platform to develop Power Automate solutions for your specific requirements. Our vast experience in Microsoft Technologies ensures that you have a cost and value-driven advantage for your business operations. Do get in touch with us to see how we can make a difference.


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