Azure VM

Azure Virtual Machines

Get deployment-ready Virtual Machines with increased scalability and performance by using Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Cloud

Azure Virtual Machine (VM) is a cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that helps run virtualized environments on the Azure Cloud. Scalable, easy-to-use, and secure, it can host your critical workloads.

Azure VMs are high on performance when compared to an on-prem infrastructure, increasing operational efficiency, and giving a cost and value driven advantage.

Benefits of Azure VMs

Built for Scalability


The Azure Virtual Machine model helps you easily scale-up by adding more VM’s or increasing existing Virtual Machine capabilities as per your emerging business needs.



Azure Virtual Machines are designed for higher standards of security, safeguarding your business data in a better manner-when compared to an on-prem environment.



Using a Virtual Machine gives you more speed and performance-when compared to using an on-premise environment that needs to be set-up and provisioned separately.

Cost Benefits

Cost Benefit

With Azure Virtual Machines use multiple application environments-without setting up a physical environment for each, enabling a savings of infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Use Azure
Virtual Machines to

  • Run applications on the cloud, on a pay-per-use model saving on licensing costs.
  • Create multiple operational environments, such as for testing an application in different landscapes.
  • Build and deploy business Apps on the cloud.
  • Run legacy applications on a different OS and environment with sandboxed Azure VMs.
  • Run mission-critical applications directly on the cloud, giving complete governance, compliance with security norms, and data encryption features.

What Quadrion offers?

If you are looking to move towards the Azure cloud by shifting to a VM environment, Quadrion can help you give the best roadmap, solution, and an implementation pathway.

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