Azure App Services

Azure App Services

Enabling Businesses to Create, Deploy, and Monitor mission-critical Apps on a fully Managed Platform

Azure App Service

The Azure App Service environment is a one-stop solution for building and deploying your business Apps on the Azure cloud, be it mobile, web or using an API to connect with third-party applications.

It offers a high level of scalability, performance, and an optimized environment to run your business Apps securely and easily.

The built-in Service Fabric ensures that your Apps run optimally and offers easy scalability as per your emerging business needs.

Harness the vast capabilities of the Azure App Service

Benefits of Azure App Services



Use event driven, and cognitive services to extend the scope of your App. Advanced features such as AI-powered cloud search services help you easily search for content and data.



Extended security features such as web App firewall, authentication with Azure Active Directory and Azure security center help secure your business data and applications.


Easy Migration

The integrated Azure App Service Migration Assistant helps you migrate your existing .NET applications into the platform.

App Development

App Development

Azure App Services environment integrates with the Visual Studio suite, allows you the flexibility of developing Apps in a programming language of your choice, besides easy API integration.



Azure App Services offers 99.95% availability, along with automatic maintenance. You can easily scale your App across all Azure regions and use a single-tenancy model to deploy isolated web apps instances.

Easy Management


Built-in App services diagnostics help you in real-time monitoring and troubleshooting your App. You can monitor resource usage, check usability, and optimize your App performance with active insights.

What Quadrion offers?

Quadrion offers complete custom solutions for App development using the Azure App service. We ensure optimal development for your custom business requirements, and help you benefit most out  of the cloud-based Azure App services environment.

Our solutions offer a high level of security, performance, and align with your compliance requirements.