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Process Automation is no longer a choice but a necessity for business sustenance and growth. The rising need for efficient and all-encompassing automation solutions is seeing businesses pivot from conventional RPA to Hyperautomation. Hyperautomation extends automation capabilities by converging multiple technologies like AI, ML, low code application platforms, and virtual assistants.

The demand for Hyperautomation is seeing a meteoric rise and it is all set to become a top technology trend for 2022.

A study by Gartner estimates that the Hyperautomation market would grow from $481.6 bn in 2020 to $596 bn in 2022.

Hyperautomation primarily focuses on delivering a positive business outcome instead of driving technological usage. It is not a technology platform but a comprehensive approach to expanding the scope of automation to drive business transformation, using multiple, diverse technologies. It also involves refining and optimizing the steps for process automation, from the discovery phase through design, deployment, and monitoring.

Hyperautomation with Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate is the platform of choice for building intelligent and intuitive automation solutions using its built-in AI capabilities. The platform enables integration with a vast ecosystem of business processes that leverage automation as one of the key elements.

Microsoft Power Automate is packed with capabilities to make automation easy. A more recently released capability is the Process Advisor.

The Process Advisor

The Process Advisor in Power Automate is a process and task mining capability which helps businesses record and analyze business processes. The process helps to identify and capture potential automation opportunities and workflow bottlenecks in the existing system. It provides the base for deeper automation that aims at Hyperautomation of existing business processes.

Task and Process Mining-Exploring Automation Scenarios

Task Mining

  • The Process Advisor analyzes the individual process tasks in your business by monitoring the sequence of user actions for a deeper understanding of how processes run.
  • The analysis helps identify and eliminate unnecessary and error-prone tasks in the process workflows.
  • It automates tasks that impact the process and improves accuracy by reducing manual intervention.

Process Mining

  • Analyses event log files of the operational processes to identify performance issues by mapping data with the process workflow.
  • Identifies non-compliant processes.
  • Reduces the time for running the processes.
  • Provides insights that serve as the base for optimizing processes and enhancing their capabilities with the Power Automate suite.

Using Digital Ops-the Process Center of Digital Transformation

Digital Ops makes businesses more agile and responsive by incorporating mechanisms for sensing, responding, and optimizing dynamic business processes. It draws together technologies such as RPA. AI, ML, NLP, low code applications, and process mining into a Digital Ops toolbox to deliver value to business operations.

Power Automate enables enterprise architects to progress on the path of digital transformation by using the process of Digital Ops. Businesses achieve digital maturity by automating their operations. It makes automation more cognitive by deriving crucial insights from data to enhance the decision-making capabilities of automation applications.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

Deeper Process Mining

Dives deeper into process mining to capture data, and patterns from tasks and event logs to transform them into actionable insights. This serves as the base for end-to-end automation for a business.

Reduced Processing time

Identifies potential steps in a process that consume a significant amount of processing time. It enables optimization and reengineering of the existing process to improve processing time.

Data Accuracy

Detects errors in automated and human-driven processes and enables automation that drives data accuracy.

Convergence of Technologies

Integrates with AI, ML, NLP, and other technology platforms to detect automation opportunities, develop solutions, and reengineer the existing business processes.

Higher Digital Maturity

Hyperautomation focuses on end-to-end business process automation, saving time and resources and leading to a higher level of digital maturity. It accelerates the pace towards digital transformation by detecting hitherto unknown data insights and automates them to improve business operations.

User and Customer experience

Improves end-user and customer experience with intelligent automation solutions that deliver value to your business and simplify operations.


Hyperautomation is the next-gen addition to conventional process automation. It gives businesses comprehensive, intuitive, and intelligent solutions that greatly simplify operations. The dynamic business requirements in the current times call for a unified solution for process automation-which is best achieved with Hyperautomation using the Power Automate suite. Put together, Hyperautomation improves efficiency and productivity by giving the required impetus to business sustenance and growth.

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