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COVID induced challenges have forced businesses to look at newer ways to drive profitability and deliver better customer experience by enriching existing operations. This has led to sharpened focus on expediting digital transformation by moving to cloud-hosted solutions for a cost and value driven advantage. Most popular among these is the movement of business processes to the Azure cloud and use of the DevOps for achieving the speed and agility, while doing so.

Azure DevOps is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides an end-to-end development toolchain for software development and deployment in Azure. It integrates with some of the leading tools and platforms in the market to provide a single environment for application design and deployment by covering the full lifecycle of solution development.

In this blog, we will look at how Azure DevOps services enables businesses to move towards accelerated digital transformation by being a catalyst of growth for enriched business operations.

Azure DevOps provides a range of services that help business easily develop and deploy their operations. The platform provides flexibility in usage, from where you can use the required services for your specific needs and integrate them with your toolchain. It is also platform and language agnostic, allowing you to work on any platform (Windows, Linux or MacOS) and language (Node.js, Python, Ruby, etc), for ease of development.

Range of Services in Azure DevOps

Azure Boards: You can track your software project progress with tools like the Azure Boards, which help in agile planning, tracking work items, and as a visualization tool. It provides native support for Scrum and Kanban along with customized dashboards and embedded reporting capabilities. Azure boards work on a feature called Work Item, which is assigned to a state model to track the progress of a task.

Azure Pipelines: Azure Pipelines are platform, language, and cloud agonistic and ideal for running builds, testing, and deploying in various development and production environments. They support Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to various services such as Kubernetes and Virtual Machines.

Azure Repos: Azure repositories is a set of version control tools to help you share and collaborate on code development and integration through an unlimited private GIT repository hosting. You can use validations and extensions from the Azure marketplace and can also build your own hooks and web APIs for your build using Azure Repos.

Azure Artifacts: Azure artifacts is an integrated package management service that helps you build and share Maven, NuGet, Python, and npm package feeds to your CI/CD pipeline from other cloud sources. This service helps you effortlessly share code and secure your public source packages in your feed, and helps you work with your favorite tools and services.

Azure Test Plans: Azure test plans is a browser-based test management tool that allows user acceptance, exploratory, and manual testing in the Azure environment. This service helps you test across desktop and web apps by assessing quality through the entire development lifecycle. It also helps in gathering feedback from stakeholders and provides simultaneous access for testing across various business teams.

The above Azure DevOps services help you in planning, building, integrating, testing, and deploying your business process workloads to the Azure cloud. You can use Azure Boards to plan and check the progress of the development activity, and use Azure Repos, Pipelines, and Artifacts to start building and managing your source code across DevOps environment. The Azure Test plans help you test your build on the Azure platform and make it ready for deployment. The process of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) help establish an end-to-end delivery platform and are the keys for digital transformation through Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps as a Software as a Solution (SaaS) offering is a reliable and scalable platform for your business operational needs. It is backed by an uptime of 99.9%, 24/7 support channels, and can give you the best advantage in moving towards a cloud environment.

I will cover more on the specific approach in my next blog, stay tuned. If you need more help with Digital Transformation journey with Azure DevOps, please write to me at