Custom developed Formulary App empowers Pharma Giant manage and maintain repository with latest and accurate formulary intelligence

  Industry: Healthcare

  Location: New Jersey, USA

  Employees: 45,000+

  Revenue: $20 Billion

About the Client

 The client is a leading pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Denmark, and production facilities in eight countries. It markets its products in 180 countries, with a focus on quality and affordability of medicines for diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, and growth disorders.


In the pharmaceutical industry, Formulary intelligence plays a crucial role in contributing to a healthy topline. Formularies are constantly evolving, and that these must always contain the latest information. Companies rely on and use inputs from the on-field sales team to track and provide the latest updates.

The client was facing challenges in establishing a clear workflow to enable the Sales team to share updates with the Market Access Strategic Execution team, and for the MASE team to distribute it internally. The client sought a unified application that would enable the Sales team to quickly update the formulary changes and automatically send them to the designated team, while also creating a central repository of the updates.

The client required Quadrion to build a modern formulary application. This application would be used by the sales team to fill in formulary or protocol updates in forms which would then be submitted as an attachment to the client’s managing team.


Quadrion ran tests and comprehensive analysis of the client’s requirements and built a solution that would address the issues that the client was facing.

Quadrion built a comprehensive, user-friendly, intuitive solution. The team used Power Apps to build the Formulary App, Power Automate to send automatic updates, and SharePoint to create a separate repository for each product.


Field sales teams could effortlessly update formulary changes across the three market baskets of Diabetes, Obesity, and BioPharm using an intuitive form that enabled step-by-step entry of the data. The sales team no longer had to depend on conventional means of sharing formulary data and could access the App that could be used anytime and anywhere. The automated naming convention and sharing of submitted forms ensured easier data access.


The Formulary App gave the client the required agility to act on formulary changes on a real-time basis based on the submissions by the sales team.

  • Ease of usage: A simplified, and dynamic form enabled accuracy of submitted data
  • Savings in time: The Sales team achieved a savings in time by having an App that works across various platforms
  • Faster Real-Time processing: The Market Access Strategic Execution team received automatic real-time updates on the formulary changes, enabling it to quickly process them
  • Secure Storage: A central storage repository facilitated easy access of data in the SharePoint application